Sigma report on world insurance market

Introduction to Sigma Insurance Report:

Swiss Re publishes Sigma Report on world insurance market. Most trusted and widely used reports are Sigma reports.

The report, “SIGMA: The World Insurance Market in Figures,” published by Swiss Re, provides a snapshot of the world insurance market in terms of premium and gross written premiums in US$ billion and percentage respectively. Swiss Re’s report notes that although global economic conditions have been volatile since 2008, markets have shown resilience to adverse developments. Global growth is expected to remain robust, with advanced economies continuing their recovery from the financial crisis entering 2014 on firmer ground than in 2013.

World insurance market :

The global insurance market is worth in excess of $4.5 trillion in 2017, with the Asia-Pacific region accounting for 46% of this figure. With this much at stake, it’s not surprising that many people are interested in understanding the dynamics of the insurance market. An excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn more about this sector is Swiss Re’s Sigma Report on world insurance market.

List of Sigma Reports from 2014 to 2021


No 1 Natural catastrophes in 2020: secondary perils in the spotlight,
but donʼt forget primary-peril risks
No 2 Emerging markets: the drive for sustainable retirements in an ageing world
No 3 World insurance: the recovery gains pace


No 1 Data-driven insurance: ready for the next frontier?
No 2 Natural catastrophes in times of economic accumulation and climate change
No 3 Power up: investing in infrastructure to drive sustainable growth in emerging markets
No 4 World insurance: riding out the 2020 pandemic storm
No 5 Machine intelligence in insurance: insights for end-to-end enterprise transformation
No 6 De-risking global supply chains: rebalancing to strengthen resilience
No 7 Rebuilding better: global economic and insurance market outlook 2021/22


No 1 Emerging markets: the silver lining amid a challenging outlook
No 2 Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2018: “secondary” perils
on the frontline
No 3 World insurance: the great pivot east continues
No 4 Advanced analytics: unlocking new frontiers in P&C insurance
No 5 Indexing resilience: a primer for insurance markets and economies
No 6 Global economic and insurance outlook 2020/21


No 1 Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2017:
a year of record-breaking losses
No 2 Constructing the future: recent developments in engineering insurance
No 3 World insurance in 2017: solid, but mature life markets weigh on growth
No 4 Profitability in non-life insurance: mind the gap
No 5 Global economic and insurance outlook 2020
No 6 Mortality improvement: understanding the past and framing the future


No 1 Cyber: getting to grips with a complex risk
No 2 Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2016:
a year of widespread damages
No 3 World insurance in 2016: the China growth engine steams ahead
No 4 Insurance: adding value to development in emerging markets
No 5 Commercial insurance: expanding the scope of insurability
No 6 Life in-force management: improving consumer value and long-term profitability


No 1 Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2015:
Asia suffers substantial losses
No 2 Insuring the frontier markets
No 3 World insurance 2015: steady growth amid regional disparities
No 4 Mutual insurance in the 21st century: back to the future?
No 5 Strategic reinsurance and insurance: the increasing trend of customised solutions


No 1 Keeping healthy in emerging markets: insurance can help
No 2 Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2014:
convective and winter storms generate most losses
No 3 M&A in insurance: start of a new wave?
No 4 World insurance in 2014: back to life
No 5 Underinsurance of property risks: closing the gap
No 6 Life insurance in the digital age: fundamental transformation ahead


No 1 Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2013:
large losses from floods and hail; Haiyan hits the Philippines
No 2 Digital distribution in insurance: a quiet revolution
No 3 World insurance in 2013: steering towards recovery
No 4 Liability claims trends: emerging risks and rebounding economic drivers
No 5 How will we care? Finding sustainable long-term care solutions for an ageing world

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