Pollution Liability Insurance : Bangladesh perspectives

Pollution is a much talked about subject in today’ s world. Our beautiful planet is increasingly getting polluted day by day. We are to be largely blamed for this peculiar phenomenon. 

While talking about liability, we are referring to legal liability or liability at law. 

Pollution takes different shapes namely; Air pollution, Water pollution, Environmental pollution etc.

Pollution is taking its toll on mankind. Citizens of the world are watching helplessly about this self inflicted destruction.

Lack of awareness, inaction, irresponsible behaviour and sometimes deliberate action of ours is contributing towards pollution.

It is causing great concern and anxiety to human beings.

But the million dollar question is are we doing enough to mitigate this problem?. Unless we take immediate action, our world may become unfit for human habitation one day.

In various countries especially in the West, pollution has been regulated and controlled by law. 

Developing countries appear to be lagging behind in this matter.

We need to wake up to reality and shun living in a denial mood that all is well in our world.

We shall now briefly discuss various aspects of pollution as below:

Air Pollution

Air pollution may be caused due to various reasons such as; 1. Coal fired power generating plant, 2. Smoke escaping from the chimneys of brick kilns, 

3. Burning of waste materials, 4. Forest fire, 5. Dumping of waste haphazardly,

6. Production of methane gas from waste material etc.

Water Pollution 

Similarly water pollution may be caused by a host of reasons such as; 

1. Drinking water coming into contact with drain/sewage, 

2. Used chemicals/dyes used in factory/industry allowed to flow into rivers/canals, 3. Drain water/sewage allowed to flow into rivers/canals,

4. Dumping of discarded toxic substances including nuclear waste into the sea,

5. Presence of excessive iron and lead in water etc.

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution may be caused due to the following reasons:

1. Deforestation, 2. Cutting of hills, 3. Disruption of wildlife from their natural habitat, 4. Volcanic Eruption, 6. Leakage of radiation, 7. Warfare etc.

We may not have control over natural calamities, but we can certainly mitigate/control some of the above mentioned damages by being careful and thoughtful in our actions. 

Certain types of liability insurance is made mandatory in the West by law. 

We should also consider making certain types of liability insurance compulsory by law namely; 1. Pollution Liability, 2. Third Party Liability, 3. Product Liability, 

4. Professional Liability, 5. Medical Malpractice etc. 

It is important to mention here that pollution liability insurance provides protection due to an event giving rise to liability by accidental means only. It does not cover all and every incident.  

IDRA along with other relevant parties should launch a campaign on a regular basis to create public awareness in this matter.

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