BIA Diploma in Life and General Insurance

Bangladesh Insurance Academy offers Diploma in Insurance

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In this page, you are going to know the details of a finance-based profession and the ways to be a professional insurer. In Bangladesh financial industry, the role of the insurance sector is getting important. So the sector needs qualified personnel. The future generation of talents can consider the insurance industry as a career. Here the BIA (Bangladesh Insurance Academy) offers the professional diploma examination in Life and General insurance.

Why Should You Do BIA Diploma in Insurance?

A professional career in insurance for the future talent of Bangladesh is, nowadays, promising than ever before with the huge unexplored potentials. It essentially has a lot to offer to the youth upon whom the success of this very financial sector of the nation fundamentally banks.

When Do I Get Admission?

There are two admission session for the aspirant insurance professional from the academy. The exam are held at the academy premises in OCTOBER and MAY each year. Basically the BIA diploma is considered to be the passport for the insurance profession. The total cost of the study is affordable as the diploma is offered by the academy which is a govt-run educational institution.The Admission Notice from Bangladesh Insurance Academy for BIA Diploma for the October session, 2019.

Subject List in Certificate Stage (Part-I)

Risk and Insurance

Company and Contract Law and their Application to Insurance

Business Environment

Property and Pecuniary Insurance

Insurance of the Person

Subject List for Associate Stage (Part-II)

Life Assurance Practice and Administration

Life Assurance Law and Taxation

Mathematical Basis of Life Assurance

Financial Aspects of Long Term Business

Principle and Practice of Management in Insurance

Business Communication and English Language

Marine Insurance Principle and Practice

Marine Insurance Law and Claim

Fire Insurance Law and Claim

Accident Insurance Law and Claim

This information is taken from the handbook of Academy.

BIA Contact Address:

Insurance Academy Bhaban, 53, Mohakhali Commercial Area, Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Rd, Dhaka 1212

Benefits of Doing BIA Diploma:

  1. Job placement in the insurance sector of Bangladesh
  2. Promotion for the existing employees
  3. Becoming a financial professional
  4. Opportunity for online insurance freelancing at
  5. Jobs in insurance services in abroad
  6. Government Job in insurance in SBC and JBS
  7. Serving the nation

BIA also offers ACII study options

ACII from Dhaka

The contact details of Bangladesh Insurance Academy

Bangladesh insurance academy has been offering counselling classes for the employees of the insurance market. Students can participate in online classes using internet-connected computer/laptop/mobile.

BIA Diploma

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