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InsuranceNews.com.bd presents you the insurance market in Bangladesh.

Why does InsuranceNews.com.bd exist?

The-Insured is the website dedicated to creating awareness of the inner side (technical aspects) of an insurance product usually purchased from the insurance company. The site intends to help people get insurance protection at the cost as low as possible by providing them with knowledge, tips, advice and consultative approaches.

Objectives of insuranceNews.com.bd

The above information is all about the basics of insurance and its operational aspects. Out site with its professional mission and vision aims at making the customers aware of the insurance and pave the way for buying the required level of insurance coverage at a reasonable cost. The management of the site comprises of the market veteran practitioners as well as qualified insurance professionals either from home and abroad.

Our International Advisory Board

The advisory board of the site is the knowledge lighthouse for the management team. You can pay a visit to the advisory board of InsuranceNews.com.bdright here. All members of the board are the icons in their respective branches of insurance in their respective country/region. So; the entire sector will find the site as a source of guidelines for the attainment of excellence. Moreover; the authoritative guides and reviews on different insurance products, for sure, help the policyholders meet their insurance requirement.

The Insured as the Party of Insurance Contract

The insured being the buyer should make out the duties and rights consequent upon that purchases as they are one of party in an insurance contract, more simply the insurance policy. The benefit offered by the insurance products (policy) would be interpreted in according with the terms, conditions, deductibles, exclusions and overall contact wording. That is why; there is no alternative to customer education on insurance for which our site (The-Insured.com) is working.

Managing Risks through Insurance

Risk being an integral of our daily life we cannot but manage the risks by various means such as removing, preventing, mitigating and transferring mechanism which is better known as insurance which is bought from the insurers. Insurance is the methods of transferring risks to the insurance companies at rate of the premium charged by the insurance company undertaking the risks. It has been a recognized tool for risk financing mechanism usually devised by the risk manager or the particular officer assigned to deal with the methods of risk financing for the future protection of the life as well as property of the company.

Customer knowledge in Liability classes of Insurances

Quite recently the legal environment is paying due emphasis on the legal liability of the parties involved in any types of personal or business operation. Government, international conventions, regional practices and the particular trade practices impose liability which involves finance.  As this type of risks involves legal affairs, the ordinary customer and particularly personal lines policyholders might have little knowledge to deal with their vicarious liability or other common law liabilities. The introduction of liability insurance in the product portfolio of the insurance companies has been successfully addressing the issues.

Constructive Views are welcome

Every endeavor can reach the apex of success provided many minds put together for its excellence. Your views, reviews and opinions are always welcome as it will make the site more enriched for the future generation to come.  Please use our email and/or contact page to communicate with us for which we would be highly indebted to you.

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